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Who's Anastasiya?

Hello, everybody!

My name is Anastasiya.

I wanted to give a quick insight in who I am, and what I do, ☺️ I'm a fun, vibrant, and creative person. I love working with people and bringing their vision to life with my talent and passion for customized beauty.

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My business being
featured in Phoenix
Entrepreneurs Magazine

The Best in Arizona!

Hair & Nails by Anastasiya was featured in Phoenix Entrepreneurs Magazine for my unique, fully customized, design, fashion hair, and nails creations! In 3 consecutive issues, I was chosen by the chief editor to showcase my masterpieces to the public and gain well-earned recognition. Check out my Instagram page @hairandnailsbyanastasiya to see my breathtaking individualized work with a personal touch and artistic twist.

hair and nails by anastasiya
hair and nails by anastasiya

New Addition
exclusively at Hair & Nails by

Additional Information

1. The maximum amount of curl reduction possible on all hair types without breaking bonds.
2. Delivers long-lasting nourishment and protection for up to 12-16 weeks.
3. Amazing shine and "no-frizz" smoothing for all types of hair.
4. Humidity protection.

5. Faster blow dry and finishing.
6. Lower cost per application than all of our major competitors.
7. Up to 75% less fumes than most competitors.
8. Safe for color-treated hair.
9. No wait time. Clients can shampoo the same day.

hair and nails by anastasiya

Color Lock &
Smooth Keratin Treatment

What is Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth Keratin Treatment?

A 2-in-1 Treatment with KERABOND™ Technology locks in hair color and prevents fading, extending its life and vibrancy; it also acts as express keratin smoothing treatment that keeps the curl and controls frizz.

My Blog

Natural approach to a dry, itchy scalp with or without dandruff.

How bothersome is dry scalp?  Dandruff…Itchiness…you name it! I’d like to share you with you a couple natural and safe ways to take care of your dry scalp. I know it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing at the same time, especially if you weren’t expecting it. There are lots of different reasons why you…
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Quality vs Quantity.

I am very excited about this topic. I believe people are somewhat confused about cheap, quick services they believe is a “good deal”.Nothing comes free in this world, unless it’s cheese in a mouse trap. If it’s cheaper , it doesn’t mean a better deal. I’m an owner of a beauty salon and I would like…
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Professional products vs discounted ones.

You’d ask why should I spend more money for “professional” products if you can buy similar at the drugstore for cheaper price? The answer to this complex question is simple. The products you find at the drugstore are diluted and probably long expired which will never give you the results you’ll achieve with professional “real”…
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How often do you need a fill?

Hello,everyone.  I hear this question all the time from my clients :”when should I get a fill?”  Using different products to strengthen the natural nail plate or build an extension you’ll need a fill every two weeks. It definitely differs for every person, but as the rule of thumb, the fill gets done every 2 weeks.…
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What’s SNS ( Signature Nail System)?

 Is it better than other enhancements (gels,builder gels,acrylics)? I’ve been hearing people raving about SNS…”its so good for my nails…it’s a healthy gel…it makes my nails healthy…etc.” I’d like to clear up a few things about it and bring the truth to you, my friends.  Firstly, if it’s a powder it can ONLY be acrylic.…
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Taking care of your Integumentary system.

Why working out and drinking plenty of water is good for your hair, nails and skin? I am pretty sure people know that drinking plenty of water and moderate exercise is good for your overall health.if you break it down to your body systems, what does it do to your integumentary system? Let’s start with…
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What to expect ...

What's Anastasiya's Experience?
1. Individualized approach.
2. Focus on high-quality experience vs.the high turnover of clients.
3. Only top-notch professional products are used.
4. Specializing in health and quality hair & nails.
5. Exceptional customer service experience.

Custom made experience every time!

If you're looking for a true professional who cares and takes her time to give you the best, explicitly tailored to You, then you are definitely in the right place!
You will indulge in a relaxing atmosphere experiencing a variety of fully customized services at the same location …No hassle …

At Hair & Nails by Anastasiya, I offer a wide variety of fashion services for men & women, including design hair & nail services, makeup, and waxing. No matter what brings you into my salon, you'll have all of my attention.

Thank you and see you in.

hair and nails by anastasiya

Haircut & Blow Dry Style

The service includes shampooing and conditioning the hair, cutting it to the client's desire, and styling it. Finishing up with a blowout.
$  60+
hair and nails by anastasiya

Color Single Appl. All Over

The service includes coloring the whole head with professional color (Schwarzkopf), processing under infrared lights heater, preserving moisture, shampooing, and conditioning. Finishing up with a blowout.
$  80+
hair and nails by anastasiya

Signature Deep Conditioning Treatment

Fully customized, specially made for dry, frizzy, and unruly hair. It contains oils, proteins, and seaweed extract to provide deep repair and high shine. It's a signature service, and I personalize every client's hair condition!
$  49+

Customized Blonde Services - Upon consultation

Using Schwarzkopf Professional with integrated bonding technology which protects hair as it bleaches it. The result is beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair.
hair and nails by anastasiya

Men's Stylish Haircut

I love cutting men's hair, transforming it into a stylish, fully customized look.
$  35

Acrylics Full Set

The service includes building on the form or using a tip to create breathtaking, fully customized nails.
$  60

Gels Pink & White

Whether you're going for a Pink & White look with gels or acrylics. I'll create one of a kind, natural-looking nails with unique shapes personalized especially for your hands.
$  70

PolyGel Nails

I use ONLY professional products to create a perfect, natural-looking, and feeling nails.
$  60

Gel Manicure

Gel manicure includes wet manicure consisting of soaking your hands in hot water to soften the skin around the nail, cleaning up the cuticle (dead tissue), filing, and buffing the natural nail, followed by an application of CND gel polish. Finished up with cuticle and nail oil conditioner and moisturizing hand massage.
$  35
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hair and nails by anastasiya


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